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Dobson Square Park Shelter Reservation Application

  1. Important information! Please read!*
    Reservations are subject to availability. Call Town Hall at 336-356-8962 to check availability before proceeding. The completed form and payment are required before the reservation is booked. Town staff will email a confirmation to the address provided once booked. Please do not submit the form until you are ready to book the reservation. Upon submittal of this application, you will be directed to the payment screen.
  2. Pricing

    Shelter Reservations:

    Town Resident: $25

    Non-Resident: $35

    Full Day Town Resident: $70

    Full Day Non-Resident: $90

  3. Residency: To qualify for In Town Residency rate, you must live in Dobson Town Limits. If you do not live in Dobson Town Limits, you are a non-resident. *
  4. Electricity is available at both picnic shelters and the amphitheater.
    Facilities are rented on a first come, first serve basis.
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  6. Rules and Regulations
    1. Renters must abide by all park rules and regulations.
    2. All fees are non-refundable. In the case of inclement weather and a cancellation is necessary, the renter has 2 business days from the date of the original reservation to contact Town staff to schedule an alternate date.
    3. You are reserving the shelter and/or amphitheater only, not the surrounding grounds.
    4. All trash mush be bagged and disposed of in receptacles provided. If trash cans will not be adequate for disposal, it is the renter's responsibility to remove and dispose of excess trash offsite. You are responsible for keeping the park clean by leaving facilities and surrounding grounds free of litter.
    5. Renters must wipe the tables clean and clean spills on the floors.
    6. Picnic tables are provided in the shelters, they may not be moved in or out of the shelter.
    7. Decorations may not be stapled, nailed, tacked, or pinned to any tree, park sign, or shelter (removable adhesive tabs are recommended). All decorations must be removed and disposed of properly.
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