Public Works

Water & Sewer Services

Using money collected from water/sewer bills and from various fees associated with water and sewer services, the Public Works Department provides safe and clean drinking water for the town as well as treats and disposes of wastewater. To provide these services, the town operates and maintains a water treatment plant, three water towers, a wastewater treatment plant, and several lift-and-pump stations. Providing drinking water and disposing of wastewater is a serious matter and working in and on these facilities requires extensive training and certification.

Drinking water quality and the cleanliness of wastewater discharge is strictly monitored and regulated by the state and federal government to maximize water consumer safety and minimize environmental impact.

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Schedule of Fees

  •  In-Town Water Tap - $800
  •   Out-of-Town Water Tap - $1000
  •   Water Reconnect Fee - $25
  •   Returned Check Fee - $25

Street Services

Using money collected as a tax on gasoline along with funds collected through local taxes, the Public Works Department maintains town-owned roads, sidewalks, and drainage infrastructure to keep Dobson looking beautiful and well maintained.

Consumer Confidence Reports