The Town contracts with Paymentus to allow customers to pay their utility bill online using a Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, or ECheck.  A $2.00 convenience fee applies to all transactions.  Customers may pay their utility bills online by clicking here.  Customers may also pay by phone by calling 1-844-244-2325.  Customers must have their bill handy as they will need their account number and exact bill amount.  

Utility customers may also want to consider using a bank draft. A PDF of a Bank Draft Authorization form can be found on the Utilities page

Dobson’s Utility Billing section works with the Administration Department and Public Works Department to accurately measure customer water and sewer usage, distribute utility bills, and collect utility payments and fees associated with the Town’s water and sewer systems. Several forms related to utility billing are located on the utilities page.

How Utility Billing Works in Dobson
Every water customer has a water meter installed to measure the amount of water they use. These meters are read by the Public Works Department around the 30th of each month. The information from the meter readings is then used to generate utility bills that are sent out around the 5th of the following month and are due the 20th of that month. For example, a water meter that is read on January 30th will show the water used between January 1st and January 30th. That utility bill is then sent out to residents on February 5th and is due on February 20th.

Some customers only have water and some customers have both water and sewer. There is no such thing as a dependable sewer meter for residential applications and sewer usage is assumed to be the same as water usage.

When is My Utility Bill Really Due?
Utility bills are due on the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a holiday, weekend, or Town Hall is closed on the 20th, the bills are due on the next business day that Town Hall is open.

If you mail your bill to the Town it must be delivered to the Town’s P.O. Box by 12:00 PM on the day that bills are due. To be on the safe side, we recommend you mail your bill at least three days before it is due. A 10% late fee will be charged to any utility bill that is not in our P.O. Box by 12:00 PM on the day that it is due, or placed in the drop box (located to the left of the front door at Town Hall) before 8:30 AM the day after the bills are due.

PDFs of helpful forms that allow utility customers to activate a new account, disconnect an account, and authorize the Town to draft utility bills from their bank accounts are available here to download and print. All of these forms can be brought in person to Town Hall at 307 North Main Street in Dobson or mailed to:

Town of Dobson
Utility Billing
PO Box 351
Dobson, NC 27017