The Town of Dobson is in the process of opening its first town park. In its most recent form, the desire for a town park was identified in a Design and Planning Report prepared in 2009 by the Community Design and Development Laboratory at North Carolina State University.

In 2010 Withers and Ravenel was contracted to begin working on a Dobson Parks, Recreation, & Greenway Master Plan. After an extensive series of public meetings and collaborative sessions, the Master Plan was presented to the Town Board and adopted in late 2011. The plan identified a strong need for a five to ten acre neighborhood park.

The Town is currently in the process looking for a suitable location to build a town park. The goal is to build a modest park that residents can walk to and offers unique recreation opportunities. Surry County’s nearby Fisher River Park is a wonderful resource for residents which is why any Town park will compliment, not duplicate, the recreation opportunities offered by Fisher River Park.

Once land is acquired, Town staff will once again be looking for input from the community in planning the site specific layout of the park. You can keep up to date on our progress by visiting this website and joining the Town’s facebook page.